Sermons from July 2016

The Mystery of the Goel

“So the Goel is a Redeemer. Amen, It’s a Redeemer. And I’m going to take it from a little line (a little bit) this morning. You see, Jesus Christ came down and He fulfilled the office of a Priest, High Priest.”

Raising the Standard

“But one thing I have noticed in the years of serving the Lord: that many times people can worship God on Sunday, worship and praise God and enjoy the blessings of the Holy Spirit on Wednesday (or Thursday mid-week service), but in-between and many times, they are suffering and lacking in victory.”

The World in Its Condition

“But we look at the situation of how the world is turning in so many different directions, we hear about all the things the world is doing, and how that the attacks are coming from every side. And it is not just in one certain area of the world, but I believe it’s around the world.”

Our Inheritance Related to Our Prayer

“Imagine if God didn’t give the laws, the commandments, to Israel. They would have been the same as any nation. God knew David was coming, Mary was coming, Joesph was coming; so He said, ‘If I don’t put laws, I will never have the Messiah, the Messiah will never come. Something bad will happen. So let’s put laws; it will protect the seed.’ “

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

“If you are a part of God, if you are an elect seed of God, you have a portion to fulfill as well. Amen. Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages, and from generations, and now is made manifest to His saints; He’s made real. Amen. More and more real as we get closer to the end, to whom God would make known. What is the glory and the riches of this mystery among the Gentiles (not Jews, but Gentiles)? So He has chosen us by grace, Amen, to be His Bride.”

The New Birth – Part 2

“These three stages of salvation, it’s nothing that you can do by yourself; it’s all the grace of God. You see, the thought stage here, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is a thought work of God’s grace in the sinner’s life… And in Acts chapter 1, it says, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me”. See, from this verse, we conclude that Jesus Christ alone is the baptizer of the Holy Ghost. It’s only Christ that can fill you with the Holy Ghost.”

The Power of the Holy Ghost

“And He said, ‘Be ye perfect, as God is perfect.’ You can be perfect today. You’ve got a life that can be holy and powerful, and you’ve got an opportunity to serve the Lord with everything that’s in you. But except you receive the Word of God into your life, you cannot live this life. Except you receive the Word of God, you can’t live this life. Many people are not accepting what God’s given to them by not receiving what the Lord’s given to them. So therefore, they struggle to know the power of the Holy Ghost.”